Commenting Policy & A Few Disclaimers

Commenting Policy: (In the event that my little blog attracts loads of commenters at some point) I welcome comments and discussions on my posts whether the commenters agree with my point of view or not. However, I moderate comments and I will not publish any that are disrespectful, rude, or insulting toward me or other commenters. If you have something to say, please contribute but do so politely and with a reasonable degree of humility (i.e. with the possibility in mind that you may not be 100% right about everything). If you do not abide by this policy, you will be excluded from the conversation at my discretion.

Disclaimers: This is a personal blog and the opinions expressed in it are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or of all the good folks at my church. All opinions are subject to revision because I freely admit to not knowing everything and to being absolutely certain of next to nothing. I am solely responsible for my opinions as well as the state of my eternal soul (therefore, you have no need to worry about it). You should, however, worry about the state of your own soul and use your brain and conscience when reading stuff on the internet, here and elsewhere. Also, when my opinions have been strongly influenced by other writers, I try my best to link to their books, blogs, or websites. My apologies if I fail to give credit where credit is due.


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