Progressive Christian Resources

Topical Resource Pages:

Rethinking Hell (eternal conscious torment in hell vs. annihilationism/conditionalism and universalism)

Christianity and Homosexuality (Susan Cotrell over at her Freed Hearts blog has such a great list of resources for people dealing with this topic from all angles–LGBTQ youth, parents, Christians struggling with the topic, etc.–that I am just linking to her page.)

The Parables of Jesus (readings from around the internet)

Recommended Books:

These books are easy reads that provide great introductions to a more progressive view of Christianity and the Bible.

Marcus Borg – Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most 

Peter Enns – The Bible Tells Me So: How Defending Scripture has Made Us Unable to Read It 

Benjamin L. Corey – Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus

Here are some of my favorite people to read and/or listen to around the web:

Homebrewed Christianity: The perfect resource for theology nerds and deep thinkers. They give you quality ingredients for brewing your own faith! The blog is great, and the podcasts are even greater!

The Moonshine Jesus Show – Pop culture, politics, and progressive Christian view points from bloggers David Henson and Mark Sandlin. Plus, fun hashtag games (basically, the only reason I’m on Twitter!) Check out Mark and David in print also:

Mark Sandlin – The God Article 

David Henson – Edges of Faith 

Patheos Progressive Christian – Home to an excellent collection of bloggers of all stripes. Some of my favorites besides David and Mark are Benjamin L. Corey (“Formerly Fundie”), Kurt Willems (“The Pangea Blog”), Nadia Bolz-Weber (“Sarcastic Lutheran”), Kimberly Knight (“Coming Out Christian”), Morgan Guyton (“Mercy not Sacrfice”), and “Unfundamentalist Christians” by John Shore and other folks.

Facebook groups to follow: Unfundamentalist Christians, Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented, The Christian Left, Kissing Fish, and are among my favorites for blog links, news, and affirmation.

Other interesting voices from around the web:

Peter Rollins – Radical theologian, philosopher, and storyteller–Pete Rollins will make you think about what Christianity really is, or should be. The link goes to Rollins’ blog, but I prefer to listen rather than read him. A few places to begin on Youtube: Courageous Conversations, Resurrection as Insurrection, The Question for All Your Answers, and We are a Fiction.

Greg Boyd

Michael Hardin

Rachel Held Evans

Sarah Bessey

**This page is still under construction – check back later for more!**

4 responses

  1. Super list of references. A couple of resources I have found extremely helpful are pasting Marcus Borg into YouTube and watching his lectures, and the Rob Bell Podcast.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I have seen the name Peter Rollins but never listened to him. I assume from your comment that he is good. I will definitely check him out now Leslie.

        Liked by 1 person

      • He probably isn’t to everyone’s taste – he’s philosophical and his version of Christianity is nearly atheistic (but leaves room for varying levels of belief, I think). I’d recommend looking him up on Youtube, or listening to podcasts that he’s on. It’s easier to get the hang of his ideas by listening to him first.


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